SEO is not difficult, but it is specific, time intensive and can be complicated. If implemented incorrectly it can have an anti-seo outcome. Learning SEO online sets a solid foundation for fundamentals, but SEO coaching online will take you to the next level of implementing, optimising and strategising in real time. Organic search best practice changes frequently, something an active coach should stay ahead of.

Are Online SEO courses worth it?

Getting an online SEO certification can move your career trajectory; but it can also be a waste of your money and time. A fundamentals course If you’re just getting started in SEO, can help you understand the basics or gain more technical knowledge. In my career experience, there is no replacement for learning how to do SEO implementation.

SEO Online Courses vs SEO Coaching:

I think fundamentally where The SEO coaching wins, is that I am and always will be a career SEO. This keeps my SEO skill set on point in real time, which benefits my students and clients.

What is the difference between the 2 types of SEO learning?

The SEO coaching side is more practical, and more in real time. Additionally your SEO coach would be fully up to speed on Google Changes. In Aug 23, Google updated again, the focus was very much onsite and it has new preferred way it wants copy written. An online SEO course may not be able to pivot the fast in changing its course content as fast as an SEO coach can.

In my experience, the SEO courses were all great for learning for fundamentals. These are the challenges I experienced with them:

  1. The courses do not teach analysis of data for SEO strategy implementation
  2. I also found that the courses for SEO isolation worked, but stacked up against a 360 degree digital strategy fell short.
  3. I found the courses to be a few steps behind Googles algorithm changes which is understandable due to the frequency.
  4. Additionally, one thing I have not seen in course is SEO Strategy and to create one combining all SEO disciplines.

How long will it take to learn SEO online?

It takes most people 1 – 3 months to learn SEO tools and techniques via online courses, and six months to a year to perfect them through practice. I have found that with my style of coaching, my students are learning a lot faster. I believe this is down to actual practical SEO implementation in real time. Additionally, there is homework, done by the student, and then reviewed by me. My approach with coaching is to give as much real work experiences in these sessions as possible.