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Off-Site SEO

Offsite SEO Training - SEO Coach - Carla dos Santos

Off-site SEO Coaching

This is probably the most important aspect of search. If you have ever read the “backrub Stanford paper” then you will understand that 80% of googles focus is on links, this has never changed. All that has changed is the way SEOs do it now, in keeping very strictly to white hat practices. I have spent many years refining the balance of link types and link building to make sure that the backlink opportunities.

Through my approach to off-site SEO Coaching, I’ll help you create an actionable SEO strategy on how to structure your offsite SEO efforts to maximise your search engine success. Off-Site SEO is the process of optimising your website for search engine ranking factors that are outside of your website i.e. referral / back links.

What Is Off-Site SEO Coaching?

The most important part of offsite SEO is building high quality backlinks to increase your link popularity. Backlinks are links from other websites to your website. The more backlinks you have from high quality websites, the better. There are a few ways to get high quality backlinks. Learning how to build links and to quickly audit the backlink environment to determine its quality, are pivotal for off-site SEO success.

If done correctly a non-toxic backlink portfolio will be vital to your SEO strategy to move your domain and pages higher in the SERPS. Equally, this is ultimately where keyword specific research for SEO anchor texts takes place.

Backlink building techniques I will coach you in:

To improve the quality of a website’s backlink profile, it is important to focus on link building. Link building is the process of acquiring links from other websites. The most effective methods typically involve creating helpful and informative content that other website owners will want to link to.

  1. Guest blogging – finding blogs in your niche that accept guest posts.
  2. Link roundup posts – posts list of links to articles or resources they found interesting.
  3. Broken link building– find broken links from referring websites and replacing them
  4. Resource page link building – websites in your niche that have resource pages (landing pages).
  5. Skyscraper links –  find popular content in your niche and create better content for a link..
  6. Link Audits – to audit and remove / disavow toxic links (negative SEO is still very much alive).
  7. Anchor text strategy – this is vital for increased rankings, and should correspond to you overarch strategy.
  8. 3rd party websites – a quick manual 5 step audit is advised to make sure the website is viewed favourably in the SERPs.

Backlink maintenance tactics I will coach you in:

Maintaining a websites backlink profile is an important task. We live in a world of negative SEO and link farms. I still get a lot work cleaning up unhealthy profiles due to black hat links, which ultimately leads to de-indexing. These are often isolated projects and are very issue specific. The backlink coaching will include:

  1. How to understand search engine algorithms and what to keep your eyes on.
  2. Quick external site audit to determine if back-link worthy.
  3. How to disavow toxic links.
  4. Best practice update outreach.
  5. How to build links for a brand new site.

Do you need Off-site SEO Coaching?

Yes, If you want to become a project based SEO, also this skill set in isolation is evergreen. My backlink building coaching will also include how to use Search Console and G4 as audit tools to make sure toxic links are left behind, and to teach how to build links sustainably on using best practice only. In my SEO experience I have learned that to take short cuts will incur a wealth of technical debt. Additionally websites can and do get de-indexed. As Google is evidently updating its Algorithms often, it is best to stay on the white hat side of SEO implementation.

If you are interested in off-page SEO coaching or internal team training, or if your website needs an off-site audit to improve its search engine visibility, lets chat around your needs and where I can assist with your SEO goals and projects.