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SEO Services

Technical SEO Training - SEO Coach - Carla dos Santos

SEO Services

SEO Services for my students and my clients, combine the best of my 20 years as an SEO and my C-suite career, to suggest, and deliver best practice SEO training, with scalability of people and tech in mind. My career experience can also be applied to business process for marketing teams.

Search Engine Marketing is skill set I have sharpened over many years, across full stack digital marketing of which SEO is always my foundation. I provide SEO coaching services and on the job training for individuals, corporates, SMEs and Agencies.

I am never going to call myself the best, but I can tell you that I have heavy weight experience under my belt and can assist with SEO services in a unique and collaborative way to build up the individual or in house skill set.

  1. SEO Coaching – Making SEO make sense for anyone who wants to learn
  2. Technical SEO Projects – Web Specification documentation, Digital integrations, Mar-Tech strategies, SEO migrations
  3. SEO Audits – Onsite, Offsite and Technical Audits including resolutions and strategies
  4. Individual SEO Coaching – One on one coaching / a group of individuals who want to learn together
  5. SME SEO Coaching – Teaching business owners how to / doing the work for the SME including full digital strategies
  6. Corporate SEO Coaching – Teaching best practice for corporate SEO, with IT stacks in mind for security
  7. Monthly SEO coaching – Monthly outputs and processes for ongoing SEO success
  8. Geo-Location SEO – localized SEO tips and tricks for your local / international strategy
  9. Analytics, Tracking and optimising of your strategy based on data.

Do you need SEO Services

Yes, if you want more sessions for your website. If you want to learn how to maintain a consistent online presence. A solid SEO strategy will form part of the overarch SEO strategy that we create within the coaching environment. The SEO Coach is able to assist across the full digital spectrum using SEO services as the bedrock of your digital marketing strategy.