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SEO Audits

SEO Audits - SEO Coach - Carla dos Santos

SEO Audits

SEO audits cover the length and breadth of all thing digital that could be improved to increase your visibility in search engines. No SEO strategy / new assets build should go ahead without the oversite of an SEO strategy. No SEO strategy can begin without these audits which will also include the SEO benchmark starting point.

What are SEO audit Types?

there are several types of digital audits, but these are “Big 5” of SEO Audits covering the 5 main “disciplines” of SEO:

On-page SEO audit

This type of SEO refers to making sure the HTML and taxonomy elements of a page are optimized for search crawlers. An on-page SEO audit would include checking meta descriptions, meta titles, image alt text and compression, and more.

SEO Content Audit

An SEO content audit is the process of systematically analysing and consolidating all the content on your website. Also this will include text, images, videos, and in-links and their place in your content strategy.

Off-page SEO audit

An off-page SEO audit would involve looking at other pages and even other domains that link to the pages you’re looking to improve—which may involve the quantity, quality, distribution, and recency of these links.

Technical SEO audit

This type of SEO audit will involve on-page efforts like image optimization but largely refers to performance metrics like site speed and security. A technical SEO audit will identify opportunities to fix, eliminate, or reorganize code, prevent spam, switch from HTTP to HTTPS, and more.

Local SEO audit

Local SEO involves the set of practices to help your business rank in local search. A local SEO audit will be slightly smaller but will still involve elements from each of the above audits with regard to listings (off-page), content (locally-focused pages and posts), on-page (keyword insertion and targeting), and technical (site speed and security).

SEO audit tools

In order to do the SEO audits suggested, you’re going to need some tools. I will also teach how to audit a site in a few quick steps using just google to determine the deeper technical SEO audits required for the assets “triage”

  1. SEO software: Ahrefs, Moz Pro, SEMrush.com – these are my preferred tools for ongoing SEO monitoring
  2. Google Search Console: for SEO auditing with respect to organic CTR, technical fixes, Core Web Vitals, backlinks.
  3. Google Analytics: G4 is the new version, and understanding Google tag manager will form part of this
  4. Page speed tools: Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom are both reliable and free tools.