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SEO Information Architecture

SEO Information Architecture - SEO Coach - Carla dos Santos

SEO Information Architecture Coaching

SEO Information Architecture building is my favourite technical-on site activity. My first mentor trained me like I was one of the junior X-Men being trained by Professor Xavier. Mastering this made all the frustration and tears of getting it right worth it. I am firm believer that perfection does not exist, except in IAs. It is an empirical process. I can get lost in excel for days, and this is the perfect way to do it.

Developing an IA / Site Structure is the practice of organising a website’s content in a way that makes it easy for search engines to understand and index. This includes URL structure, taxonomy, all meta data and site links. I always enjoy marrying the IA to the user journey. Tech search also informs content, due its origins being in keyword research for URLs. This is a vital part of a website project technical documentation , and this is where SEO’s work closely with developers regarding the sites structure.

What Is SEO Information Architecture Coaching?

The first step in SEO IA coaching is to understand how search engines work. Search engines use algorithms to crawl the web and index websites. These algorithms are constantly changing, but they generally follow a few basic principles. The approach for a live site being refreshed, and a brand new site are different. I will coach you on how to approach each type. Instead of just doing keyword research and rushing to smash them into your IA, I will teach you how to discern between head, body and long-tail for a scalable IA. A big lesson to understand in SEO is forward planning your strategy is also crucial to deployment success.

What will you learn from The SEO Coach?

SEO information architecture is all about understanding how search engines work and how to make your website easy for them to index. Here are a few things I will coach you through.

  1. Defining your audience personas.
  2. Overlaying personas that into your IA.
  3. Understanding your data metrics.
  4. Implementing your keyword research.
  5. Structuring your site taxonomy
  6. leveraging your in-links also your backlinks
  7. correct use of categories and tagging (e-comms)
  8. how to develop your IA for scalability for layered SEO
  9. sub-domain vs directories vs TLDs
  10. HTML must haves in your sites HTML.

Do you need Site Structure SEO Coaching?

Yes, If you want to become a proficient technical SEO project manager. This once mastered is also the where integrated SEO strategies are incubated. A well trained Technical SEO strategist is able to focus on the IA for search, but will also understand where the research will benefit the full digital strategy. I will teach you to identify these opportunities and how to pivot these into your site structure.

Additionally there will be coaching in how to build a website in excel, using your site structure to also define a user journey that work on the “3 clicks and you are there” approach. Additionally we will touch on G4 and how best you can annotate and measure your success otherwise you may miss a big win.