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Technical SEO

Offsite SEO Training - SEO Coach - Carla dos Santos

Technical SEO Coaching

Technical SEO coaching and implementing is a very satisfying are of SEO. Its all about site speed, and this is all about keeping the website healthy so it is easy for google to index. It involves finding the errors that are limiting indexing, and solving them which is the art of prioritising, critical thinking and very fast implementation, because when things go wrong it also happens very fast .

Technical SEO is the real performance side of search and has a direct impact on site speed. Also it is the practice of optimising a website experience for the purpose of improving its search engine rankings. An understanding of ranking factors from SEO audits, CSS / HTML / UX, UJ and server optimisation tactics are employed to achieve indexing glory.

What Is Technical SEO Coaching?

Technical SEO is a complex and ever-evolving field, but there are some basic principles that all SEO practitioners should follow. These principles include things like ensuring that your website’s code is clean and well-organised, making sure your site is accessible to both search engines and users, and optimising your site’s overall speed and performance. Google penalties are soft in this context i.e. if you have 72 thin pages, you will have 71 pages worth of URLs not indexed. There are also several tactics to fix these issues using every SEO discipline combined as you move through your tech-triage (I will teach this also)

What will you learn from The SEO Coach?

    1. One of the most important aspects it each is site architecture (information architecture).
    2. I will coach you in website’s URL structure, navigation, and overall layout.
    3. I will show you were technical SEO and On-Page converge.
    4. I will teach you where your off-site can impact your speed.
    5. I will coach you in structure sitemaps and robots.txt and x-robots.
    6. I will coach you on how to navigate search console to find errors.
    7. I will also suggest my preferred tools and how I use the to problem solve.

Do you need Technical SEO Coaching?

Yes, If you want to become a full stack SEO. Technical SEO is also the bedrock of any digital asset deploy. A well trained SEO is able to technically specify a website and its IA, be adept in CSS/HTML speak and user journeys. You need to train your eye for detail. Often it is like an action movie, with 1000 thing needing to be done at the same time. Part of my coaching will be hoe to work under this pressure. I will help you apply your focus to your SEO triage strategy to make sure the you approach this with results in mind.