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Individual SEO Training

SEO Individual training - SEO Coach - Carla dos Santos

SEO Individual Training

Much like Mr. Miyagi and Daniel san – Individual SEO training starts with the fundamentals. In the world of SEO is creating you own set of templates are you fundamentals. These templates are designed by you, for you in a way that makes sense for you to be able to do your work. These templates are production templates, and all SEOs should know how to brief other departments i.e. copy writers for the correct outcome. I believe that 80% of the win is in the preparation.

SEO One on One Training

Understanding your metrics of importance will be your initial SEO 1 on 1 training before we look at how to translate these in the templates. Additionally the SEO starter project templates are used as a guide to regulate the tasks you use for projects. They can be used as a framework for precisely what needs to be created in order to rank highly on search engines. The list below includes a few templates that I will teach you to you get started with your projects.

SEO Individual Training Lessons

  1. SEO audit template. This template will help you see how optimising the website can be approached. Also you can spot an issue or threat, and make adjustments in a short amount of time. Additionally, It may also help you increase website traffic. It includes on-page and off-page features, content tweaks, and technical concerns.
  2. On-page SEO template. This template is designed to help you use keywords on a website increasing your Google rankings. Optimising blogs, ecommerce product pages, and local services pages are defined in this template. These templates should be created in Word, Google Docs, and also PDF formats.
  3. Monthly SEO report. This template will help you with streamlining your reporting for internal and external clients and can be easily understood by anyone. This report can be presented,  showing the impact of your SEO efforts. Additionally, these reports give an easy answer on how the monthly SEO is performing along with optimising suggestions.
  4. Content creation template. This template is the information architecture, and with it I will teach you how to make outstanding titles and introductions, and provide you with other tips to help you develop and publish exceptional content that will attract online traffic.
  5. Blog post templates. These templates can be used for “how-to,” list-based, “what-is,” pillar pages, infographics, and newsjacking posts. While using this template, you won’t have to start a blog process from scratch and can help to prevent writer’s block.

Who needs Individual SEO Training?

if learning how to do SEO using best practice forged in the fires of experience is where you are headed, then you do. Also all SEOs from beginner to advanced, can benefit from this one on one training. I spend a lot of my SEO time updating these templates in line with Googles ever changing algorithm.