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SEO Corporate Training

SEO Corporate Training - SEO Coach - Carla dos Santos

SEO Corporate Training

SEO Corporate Training is something I am very experienced in. I am fortunate to have worked in-house as the head of digital for several corporates, as well as on many projects over my 3 years in freelance SEO. I have a very unique perspective on how to do the best in class digital marketing, taking the strict and necessary red tape our security. Over the years I haven experimented with combining open source tech with the security layer to get the best digital marketing results.

Corporate SEO Mar-Techs

In a similar way to the SME, a good SEO is a full digital practitioner / mar-tech. This does not extend to doing the work i.e. buying media, but the SEO research will assist in defining personas. Much like with SME training, the individual training in corporate looks at the marketing requirements, objectives and timelines before determining the starting point. Once the starting point is decided, the work is divided into a “triage” type approach where the first priority will be to resolve anything impeding leads / revenue.

Corporate Digital Marketing Teams

Unlike the average SME, Corporates usually have a full marketing team. In these environments, digital is a piece of a TTL approach, and is generally focused in performance marketing. One of the first things I assess is the skill sets and how the team members work flow functions. It is important to direct all efforts into a unified focus for main campaigns, with SEO specific campaigns in mind. The SEO research should always be shared, highlighting any data mining wins for other teams.

Cooperate SEO training approach

The best thing about SEO Corporate Training is the BO/BI. This data is important for the entire cycle from awareness to retention. A well trained SEO is able to add value throughout the whole digital journey. My approach roughly detailed below is worked through with all stake holders. I am huge fan of preparation as 80% of the win.

Sun Tzu said it best in the “Art of War” Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small.”

  1. unpacking the security layer to understand limitations
  2. unpacking the business needs with the marketing teams to define the plan
  3. Keeping the training specific to the task and where it should merge into the main strategy
  4. identifying quick wins using the data (BO / BI) for user based insights
  5. ongoing support after the training is complete to support the strategy

Who needs SME Digital Training?

Any corporate that is competing online and wants to strengthen its internal digital team. Any team member that I work with will be trained to produce digital as a data led exercise, using all data points available from BO/BI as well as the digital marketing channel reporting tools. Although similar to SME SEO training, cooperate commands a different level of high performance.