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SEO Website Reports

SEO Website Reports - SEO Coach - Carla dos Santos

SEO Website Reports

SEO website reports are essentially projects documents for SEO. These reports are similar to SEO audits, but with the solutions to the issues that could be hindering a site from indexing in google in real-time. Eventually these reports will form the baseline of all things SEO.

In my experience it took me a few years to master the order of things. Each report listed below requires a senior skill set. The reason is not that juniors cannot create these, but the analysis and understanding best practice implementation takes experience. These reports are created to optimise existing SEO efforts.

SEO Website Reports

The below set of reports are some of the important reports that any SEO specialist should be able to create. These reports become the baseline for the SEO. Additionally these can also dove tail with audits, but are more aligned to reporting and optimising vs auditing and fixing. From these reports, all SEO projects have a baseline to work from.

Website Benchmark Report

  • SEO Skills Practiced: Reports, editing, writing

This is an excellent report for all levels as it entails creating and evaluating analytical reports for a website in order to analyse its SEO health and determine its rank. This is a task that every SEO professional should be familiar with and would be ideal to have in your SEO skill set.

Website Audits

  • SEO Skills Practiced: Analytics, website optimisation

This report is a more complex version of the previous project report. Evaluating a website’s online presence exposes the weaknesses regarding its SEO strategy and how these affect its performance and traffic. This project document will be great for your portfolio as it is one of the most important aspects of website optimisation.

Competitive Website Analysis

  • SEO Skills Practiced: Analytics, website optimisation

Another excellent way to showcase your skills is by comparing two websites’ SEO strategies. To begin working on this document, choose a website from an industry that competes with yours, and research their competitors’ SEO strategies. The information gained from this competitive analysis would then be used to determine how to outrank them.

SEO Website Strategy

  • SEO Skills Practiced: Website optimisation, content marketing

This is an intermediate-level project document as it requires experience in SEO strategies which are employed to assist a business in establishing a foundation for its future projects. You will increase the visibility of a website’s search engine results pages (SERP) by optimising its content by topic. This report will help you assist in the process of enhancing search engine traffic.

Website Analytics Study

  • SEO Skills Practiced: Analysis, research, optimisation

A website analytics study should be done frequently. It can assist you in monitoring your competitors and increasing traffic with minimal effort. It entails identifying measures based on your company’s and users’ objectives, as well as analysing data from your website to assess whether or not those objectives were met. It can assist you in developing a strategy to improve user experience.

Keyword Research

  • SEO Skills Practiced: Research, content marketing, copywriting

Keyword research is what helps you find the keywords to use in your website to make it rank higher than others. It is one of the most important aspects of SEO as you can increase website traffic by using keywords that people search for and making the answer appear precisely when they search for it. This is one of the best ways to demonstrate your SEO skills.

Advanced SEO Project Ideas

As an advanced-level professional, your projects should represent your abilities and show clients that you are highly experienced, skilled, and can deliver high-quality work. Your portfolio should include technical SEO projects that show your mastery.  Below is a list of some projects that you can work on to develop advanced skills.

SWOT Analysis

  • SEO Skills Practiced: Research, analysis

A business can identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) by evaluating its website’s present and future growth. A SWOT analysis can help you develop plans to improve a website, stay ahead of the competition, and stand out. A project on this will show potential employers that you have the skills necessary to grow their website.

Who needs SEO Reports Training?

All SEOs who want to establish themselves as SEO project specialists and also SEO campaign leads. Additionally for clients of big sites (mostly e-comms / relational data sites) these reports will form their full SEO strategy, additionally informing the digital marketing strategy as a whole.